The History of Majestic Lamps

Majestic Lamps were made by the Majestic Lamp Company was formed out of two other compagnies, the Grisby-Grunow Company of New York City and The Majestic Radio Company of Elgin, Illinois.

Part of this merger entailed Grisby to sale his sole ownership of Columbia records to Sony, the first Japanese company to market in America after the war. Sony still owns the Columbia label today. According to the United States goverments desire to control monopolies, no individual could own a manufacturing company of phonograph player , and produce or record the disc which it played.

Also, at the same time of the merger, Mr. Grunow sold out his 50% stake in the Grisby-Grunow Company to the infamous Mayor of New York James Walker. James Walker was President of The Majestic Lamp and Radio Company until 1948. After the change in laws, RCA & the transistor radio nearly put Majestic Lamp & Radio our of business.

With intern president William “Sloppy” Garwood at the helm, The Majestic Lamp and Radio Company was reduced to making only their profitable lamps, and by the early 1950′s was known only as The Majestic Lamp Company.

These beautiful lamps were manufactured sold and marketed under the Majestic Lamp company name until 1963 when the company was sold to Westinghouse.